Paleo Osmunda (Rare- Fossilized Fern ) Sterling silver pendant. $90

  • $90.00

A one of a kind artisan pendant featuring a quality rare Paleo Osmunda - Fossilized Fern.  Cabochon cut by our lapidary artist Paul Rossman .  Paleo Osmunda is an extremely rare fossilized Fern from Australia .  This ancient material represents one of the oldest vascular plant fossils in the world.  The “heart” of the fern has been replaced by silica and petrified and preserved vascular bundles that nourished and supported the plant as it grew.  There is very little of this material available and it is very difficult to find.  This rare stone is set in sterling and fine silver with attention to detail.  Perfect for the serious collector or the gemstone lover that wants rare and unique jewelry .   Visit our Instagram page to see this unique pendant in a video.