Tiger Dendritic Agate sterling silver pendant and chain $85

  • $85.00

Tiger Dendritic agate is a relatively new material from Indonesia that most people are not familiar with and have never seen in jewelry before .  It’s Black and Tan dendritic plumes in clear chalcedony ( like the pattern of a tiger stripes ) has inspired its name .  It’s contrasting colors and interesting pattern make it perfect for quality artisan jewelry .  Our lapidary artist Paul Rossman has cut a series of cabochons that we have featured in this limited edition collections of jewelry .  Set in sterling and fine silver each piece is a one of a kind with settings with lots of artisan details that showcase the stone .  This pendant measures 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” and features a high end cabochon with outstanding color and pattern . A stainless steel box chain that can be worn at 16” or 18” is included with this pendant .